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Hi, we are GreenDays!

Israeli startup with a mission
to make renewable energy accessible!

SEED funding is open,

and you are welcome join us!

GreenDays MarketPlace

GreenDays is a platform that helps roof owners find the best quote and installer for their needs.

With us, everyone wins!

The companies that work with us save on customer acquisition costs and gain a sales platform. Our users save money and gain profitable renewable energy devices easily.

Go solar with a click of a button!

We help our users to go solar faster and safer than ever. Our transparent method compares quotes from expert companies in the region, reflecting and simplifying all the technical and financial data the property owner needs to know before closing a deal.

GreenDays Edge

Behind the scenes of the platform, there are several intelligent algorithms including:

  • Instant prediction of the energy potential (by orthophotos)
  • Precise prediction of the energy production
  • Automatic optimization of the design
  • Prediction of the success of every quote (by design and spec)
  • Apples to apples comparison with insights & recommendations
  • Deep financial analysis

Coming Soon... is a cutting-edge, AI-based chat interface, that helps solar PV owners maximize their revenue. generates more money for users!

By reducing downtime and ensuring system longevity and profitability throughout the 25-year system lifetime.

Our Edge

With accurate prediction models, AI-learning, and unit-level diagnostics, revolutionizes solar PV and battery monitoring.

No apps are needed!

An interactive chatbot assistant that provides consistent reports, indicates maintenance needs, and offers support for systematic issues through your preferred messaging platform.

About Us

Dor Korenianski Nitzan Hezroni

Extensive experience in management including executing challenging projects. Leads teams to success by utilizing business skills and a technological background.

A very talented energy engineer, solar energy expert, and algorithm developer with vast hands-on experience as well as leading R&D teams to the edge of tech.

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